A young couple arrives in their new home-city after a cross country road-trip when the car, filled with all of their belongings, gets commandeered in a police chase. Now they must go on a quest to get their car back and retrieve the key to their new home. 

The journey for their car forces them to examine their relationship, and they must figure out if they’re in pursuit of the same things. Can they recover the stuff from their old life, or can they start a new life with nothing but each other?



We open in the middle of an action movie chase scene. A cop pursues a criminal on foot through city streets, when suddenly the criminal disappears behind a corner... But as the cop approaches, the criminal blows by in the getaway car that's been waiting for him. Unrelenting, our hero cop steps out into the street and stops an oncoming car. He pulls the owners out, commandeers their vehicle, and takes off after the suspect. 

We've watched this scene dozens of times, and every time we follow the cop chasing the criminal... But what about the people whose car just got commandeered in a police chase? What happens to them? That's our concept: to explore the relationship between two people who just happen to get caught inside an action movie. 

We want to take this movie trope and turn it on its head, exploring the emotional truth of the people who get caught up in the chase, rather than follow the chase itself. It's something we've seen before but in a way we've never seen it. And we think it'll make for a pretty fun movie. 

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